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Using Permanent Life Insurance to Help Plan for Longevity

Thanks to medical advancements and a nationwide emphasis on healthy living, life expectancy is on the rise in the United States.* If the upward trend continues, today's young adults can look forward to an even longer and healthier life after their working years.

A long and healthy retirement can mean a desire to travel, a new home, new hobbies, gifting assets, and countless other wants and needs that require adequate retirement funds. A long retirement can also be expensive if you experience an unexpected illness.

As life expectancy increases, you might face "longevity risk," or the potential for your assets to run out during retirement. In addition to providing death benefit protection, permanent life insurance can help you manage that risk. It can be designed with flexibility to address changing needs throughout your life.


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Longevity Planning Brochure 


* Society of Actuaries, RP-2014 Mortality Tables. February 2014.