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Did George Washington Have Life Insurance?



The answer “maybe.” A recount of the history of life insurance1 on www.thinkadvisor.com shows that it may have been possible, noting that as early as 1688 (long before George Washington was born in 1732) Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House, a popular gathering place for ship captains, ship owners and merchants was the go-to place for shipping news and eventually marine insurance. It was there that the modern concept of an insurance company came into being.


The first life insurance company in the American colonies was formed in Charleston, South Carolina in 1735, but it only offered fire insurance when it was created. It added life insurance in 1760. While Washington may have led many men given this timing, it was unlikely he led them to their financial professionals to purchase a life insurance policy.

The other president we commemorate during the Month of February, Abraham Lincoln, was probably more likely to have had life insurance. As Lincoln was building his career, many changes were occurring in the history of life insurance. As outlined in the www.thinkadvisor.com article on the history of life insurance, the financial crisis of 1837 helped fuel a shift toward mutualization for life insurance companies, and during that same period, 17 mutuals, requiring little initial capital, were chartered. The spread of mutuals as well as other developments, such as legal changes allowing women to purchase life insurance and a cultural shift created a boom period for life insurance companies. Ten years after President Lincoln’s death, life insurance became more accessible to the working class with the founding of single product (burial insurance) insurance.


While Presidents Washington and Lincoln may have had less of an opportunity to purchase life insurance in their lifetimes, this rich history reminds us how fortunate we are today to have access to great coverage options.

Even though access to life insurance is plentiful today, many people wrongly assume that they won’t qualify for life insurance and never attempt to get insured.3 They may think that mental health issues, heart disease or cancer automatically disqualify them, but that may not be the case.

In honor of Presidents’ Day, think of those who aren’t sure if they can qualify or afford life insurance, and help lead them to a life insurance solution that is right for them.

1 http://www.thinkadvisor.com/2013/09/09/a-brief-history-of-life-insurance
2 www.lifehappens.org Life Happens, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers take
personal responsibility through ownership of life insurance and related products.
3 blog on ww.lifehappens.org https://www.lifehappens.org/blog/you-think-you-wont-qualify-for-life-insurance-but-youre-wrong/





Like a Box of Chocolates


My momma always said, 'Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” That iconic life-lesson quote from Forrest Gump in the movie of the same name in 1994 resonates with many of us. Life is filled with the unexpected. The challenge is to be prepared for it. Life insurance is like having the diagram of the chocolates in a box of Valentine chocolates. There is still an air of the unexpected because you don’t know exactly how the chocolate covered-delight will taste, but like life insurance, the diagram helps you be prepared for that bite of chocolate. This real life story from LifeHappens1 is a great example.


Summer didn’t know what was going to happen in the future, but she wanted a “diagram” that would prepare her for the unexpected “Summer was much like her name—bright and energetic. She was also hardworking. At 22, she was managing her own household, working full-time as a waitress, while attending school with dreams of becoming a doctor. She was also a single mom-to-be.


Although money was tight, Summer knew that getting life insurance was the responsible thing to do. That was a fateful decision. Just nine months after giving birth to  Nathan, she was struck by a car and killed. Summer’s policy has allowed her mom, Coleen, to adopt and care for Nathan and set money aside for college.” Learn more about Summer’s story at https://www.lifehappens.org/videos/the-responsible-thing-to-do/.


Summer's story serves as a reminder of how important life insurance can be. How are
you helping your clients prepare for the unexpected? According to www.lifehappens.org,
35 percent wish that their spouses or partners had life insurance. The website also
points out that a third of people aren’t buying life insurance or buying more insurance
because they don’t want to think about death. In addition, 40% haven’t bought life
insurance or more of it because they are unsure of how much or what type to buy. While
that kind of reasoning can be understandable, the real reason to buy insurance isn’t for
yourself, but for the ones you love. It’s for the ones who are left behind, like Nathan. As
financial professionals, you can help draw the diagram like the one in the box of chocolates that helps your clients layout a life insurance plan for those they love.

Visit www.lifehappens.org, for statistics and stories to help you clients understand the
value of life insurance for their loved ones.



1Life Happens, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their families financial futures. Life Happens does not endorse any insurance product or agent.



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Are Your Clients Protecting the Ones They Love?



Insure Your Love


Roberto Loera would do anything for his family. That included leaving his homeland of Mexico and living and working in Colorado so he could provide a better life for his wife, Maria, and two boys, Roberto Jr. and Abel. He spent years working in the ski resorts during high season, and traveling back to Mexico to be with his family during the downtime. Finally, he got word that his family’s visas had been approved. Roberto shared that joy with his insurance professional, Leila Martinez who encourage him to buy life insurance for his family. He was able to put a policy in place for less than $20 a month.

Less than a year after the family was reunited, Roberto was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Just two weeks after Roberto celebrated his US citizenship he died. Roberto’s life insurance policy gave Roberto’s family the financial support they also needed. See Roberto’s full story at https://www.lifehappens.org/videos/a-parents-sacrifice-and-gift/The Roberto Lorea story is just one of many videos at www.lifehappens.org that show how the people showing their love by protecting their families with life insurance. 


February is Insure Your Love Month. Life Happens1 created and coordinates the Insure Your Love campaign for the industry because the basic motivation behind the purchase of life insurance is love. People want to protect their loved ones, and one of the best ways to do that financially is with life insurance. Use this month to help illustrate the importance of life insurance to your clients. The www.lifehappens.org videos can help. Consumers were 57% more likely to consider purchasing life insurance after watching one of these videos, as confirmed by an independent survey.


This year’s Insure Your Love theme is “This Is Love.” Reach out to clients and prospects with this simple message, letting them know that gestures—large and small—all constitute love, including the purchase of life insurance. www.lifehappens.org has a number of resources to help you. For example, you can share this promotional video message. https://www.lifehappens.org/videos/this-is-love/ or any of the other inspirational quotes and statistics on www.lifehappens.org on social media. (Be sure to reference www.lifehappens.org as the source.)


1Life Happens, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers take personal responsibility through ownership
of life insurance and related products.



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Simple Way to Keep Busy the Rest of the Winter...


2018 is here and it would be easy to stay huddled in our offices waiting for winter to be
over. But rather than hibernate and hope that the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow in
a few weeks why not embrace the post-holiday, stuck in winter blues and keep busy
with some customer-building activities.

Time blocking. Block a specific time on the calendar to make calls, and stick to that
schedule. Nothing is easier to push to the side than making calls, but without making
those calls the rest of your calendar will look pretty bleak.

Use business phone numbers. If you’re able to get a client’s business number, use it!
People will answer their business line at work.

Never ask if they can meet. If you ask if someone can meet, you’re giving them an
easy out. Instead, ask when they can meet with you, and then give them a couple
specific options to choose from. That way they will think about what their actual
schedule looks like for the few specific options you have provided them.

Create a sense of urgency. Your client’s will be more likely to meet if they are
reminded of a good reason to do so. Create a sense of urgency by bringing up rates,
health or the risks of an unprotected family.


Make it convenient for them. You will set (and more importantly keep) appointments if
you select the location/time that is most convenient for your client. Offer to go to their
house, meet over lunch and provide sandwiches, or meet in the evening.

Use SimpleSubmit®. Who doesn’t have time to check their email? If you’re unable to
get a time set to complete an application, use our SimpleSubmit app. A completed
application is submitted every time, and you’ll see a faster turnaround time.





133NS-49 1/18 



How Fit is Your Customer Service Strategy?



A lot of people make resolutions to become more fit in the New Year. Fitness doesn’t
just apply to your how you take care of your body, but also how you take care of your
customers. Make a resolution this year to shape up your customer service strategy with
some fresh ideas.

Embrace Technology
One way to boost to your customer service strategy is by embracing technology and
tools. According to www.thinkadvisor.com while an overwhelming majority of
organizations claim that digital transformation of their customer experience is a strategic
priority, over half (51%)1 fail to act.

Make a resolution this year to implement at least three new technology-based customer
care strategies. This might be a simple as using social media more often to keep in
touch with clients or simplifying the life insurance decision for clients with online tools.
North American Company for Life and Health Insurance continues to introduce new
tools to help you work with current and prospective clients. Embrace those
enhancements to improve the customer’s experience.

Take Advantage of ‘Fresh Starts’

On ThinkAdvisor.com, John Graham2 points out that while birthdays, anniversaries, a
new baby or new job are well-known “buying occasions,” there are many other times
when clients may be inclined to make new commitments like buying life insurance. He
points out that in one study, researchers found that college students were more likely to
visit the fitness center at the start of a new week, a new semester or just after a
birthday. These are called “fresh start events.” Graham adds that receiving a bonus,
getting a promotion, coming back from vacation, attending a workshop, among others,
can make us more open to going in a new direction. Take advantage of “fresh starts.”
For example, use an upcoming birthday as a good time to meet with a prospect. Look
for other “fresh starts” in your client’s lives to give you the opportunity to connect. As
Graham concludes, “It’s not when you and I want to make the sale, it’s when the
customer is ready.”

Be a Resource
Life insurance is probably not at the forefront of your clients minds on a daily basis.
They are probably not up on industry changes. You can be a resource and an educator
by keeping them informed of changes within the industry and how the changes may
impact their personal environment. For example, will economic changes impact their life
insurance needs? Are there opportunities to create a strategy that is a better fit for their
financial needs? Explore opportunities to hold informational client meetings to help
answer these and other questions that can get your customers thinking about their
needs and how YOU can help meet them in 2018.

Take some time to think about other ways you can make your customer service better in
2018. Commit to a customer service fitness strategy that lasts throughout the year.


1. Source: Dimension Data 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report referenced by Joe Manuele, Group Executive, Customer Experience and Workplace Productivity, and Rob Allman, Group Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Collaboration, share their thoughts on the top customer experience trends to watch in the year ahead.

2. Source: John Graham of GrahamComm, marketing and sales strategy consultant and creator of “Magnet Marketing.”
Guest columnist for www. ThinkAdvisor.com, January 1, 2018.






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