Sales Concept:

Loan Regime Split Dollar

Advanced Markets

Executive Advantage, North American’s loan regime split dollar sales concept, can be a powerful way to help business owners recruit, retain and reward select employees. Learn more about what it has to offer.

The parties to the loan split-dollar arrangement should seek their own independent legal and tax advice as to whether and how to enter into a loan split-dollar arrangement based on the employer’s and employee’s unique circumstances.

Under a loan split-dollar agreement, the employee enters into an agreement with the employer. North American Company for Life and Health Insurance is not a party to this agreement and North American’s only obligation is to administer the policy it issues (consistent with the policy’s terms and conditions).

Under a split dollar agreement classified as a welfare benefit plan, the employee must belong to a select group of management, which includes quantitative and qualitative elements. To meet the quantitative standard, plans should be limited to the top 15% of the workforce. To meet the qualitative test, a significant disparity should exist between the average compensation of the top-hat group and the average compensation of all other employees.

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