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North American Company for Life and Health Insurance® Releases e-App for Annuities

West Des Moines, IA | April 4, 2016

North American Company announced today the release of a new electronic application (e-App) system for fixed annuity products. The new system allows financial professionals to fill out and submit annuity applications online, effectively improving turnaround time for processing applications.

"We're thrilled to offer this technology to our financial professionals. It's going to help create cleaner applications, make doing business much easier and help clients get issued policies in their hands sooner," said Cindy Reed, president of North American's Annuity Division. "The e-App works effortlessly with our illustration software, making it a very robust tool for submitting business and helping clients."

E-App technology is attractive to financial professionals because it cuts down on the amount of back and forth with clients, and also because of its ability to reduce errors or missing information that can commonly hold up the processing of paper applications.

"It's going to change the way our distribution partners do business with North American," said Reed. "It allows them to be a more efficient resource for clients because of the faster processing time than with traditional paper applications."

The e-App option is offered on all annuity products currently available on the North American illustration software.


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